With the release of the Tome of Champions, John and I decided to start a new campaign. He’s bringing his Untamed Beasts, led by Kholek Heart-Eater with a couple of large beasts in tow. I’m using my Corvus Cabal led by Corone. She has led them through a number of trials, her visions giving them direction and her leadership bringing them trophies.

Corone felt the pulse through the ruins she perched in. Slow. Rhythmic. The other crows felt it too. Their beaks swept from side to side, their keen eyes trying to identify a source. Pica cawed, pointing her war-pick to a rubble-strewn street corner of this nameless town. Dust was being shaken loose from the derelict buildings in that part of the street. The dust shifted to the same slow beat, but its rhythm was just a fraction ahead of the one they felt. Corone knew the rookery was compromised. The self-styled beasts came into view with two large creatures following them, the thud-thud-thud of their heavy feet sending vibrations ahead of them. Corone uttered two clipped clicks. The Hooded Crows were moving before the second had fully left her mouth.

John and I have both chosen the Chaos Branching Quest from new book. We’ll see how it pans out. We’re happy to truncate the campaign to get it played. We’re also happy to adjust the narrative as needed to fit the events that play out on the tabletop.

Game 1: Defend the Find

The crows flocked towards their trophies as the first of the beasts entered their lair. A large horned creature, standing twice the height of a human, was goaded through an opening in the wall. It bellowed and almost turned on its handler, stopping as is spotted the industry of the crows as they gathered up their prizes. Knowing they didn’t have time to retreat with them Corone made a series quick gestures. They would have to stand and fight here…

This was quite a balanced fight. The Twist, which dropped the strength of attacks by one, really prolonged some of the individual fights. I knew I just had to slow the beasts from getting to the treasure and try to drop them to fewer than four members. I just about managed this and it was a truly exciting and fun game.

Game 2: Sudden Death

Trophies in hand, and with many of the beasts left badly mauled, Corone and the Hooded Crows took flight. They climbed and swooped through the ruination, leading their earthbound pursuers into dead ends and past perilously crumbling structures. The Bloodsworn Hunt, however, were experienced trackers. Moreover, they had predicted the flight path of their prey. The crows found an ambush waiting for them, with the second of the large beasts baring their escape…

This is a nice mission. Very simple. Whoever can control both objectives at the end of a round wins! Things went well for me from the outset, my Shrike Talon (named Corvus!), survived a pounce and follow up attacks from the Rocktusk Prowler on one wound. This was crucial as Corvus went on to take out both the Prowler and his Handler, exposing a real weakness for the Untamed Beasts around one of the objectives. In decided to gamble in the second round. I had secured that first objective, but I needed to get lucky with a couple of Cabalists facing a Plains-runner. If it didn’t go well, they’d end up standing toe-to-toe with a Fomoroid Crusher. Thankfully, the risk paid off, leaving the enemy warrior dead and me holding the second objective. Had the game gone on to a third round, things would have gotten more complicated because of the Twist: 300pts of chaotic beasts were due to arrive! (I might actually play that scenario out with Ciarán or Aoibhinn, just to introduce them to the game)


So, over the two games, I’ve accrued 12 Glory Points to John’s 10. Nobody was slain from either warband and we’ve gather a few lesser artefacts: a Raven-feather Necklace, rather appropriately for Corvus; a Godbeast Idol, which is kinda crappy for the Corvus Cabal, to Corone; and an Ur-gold Sigil for the Untamed Beasts, probably to go onto their pet dog. Two of the beasts also picked up destiny levels: one of the Plains-runners and Kholek Heart-Eater himself.

Today is International Women’s Day and GW were seeking examples of painted heroes. I’m glad to say there is much improved gender balance in many of the newer releases from them, for example four of the nine Corvus Cabal models appear to be female. Anyway, I decided to respond to their request with a photo of Corone.

Until next time,