Phil and I decided this would be the last game in our campaign. Aeronautica Imperialis is a fun game and while we’ve really enjoyed it, I’m not sure it has the tactical depth we usually look for in our games. That said, it’s quick and easy to pick up and play. I can see us adding in to multi-system campaigns, but the impact on the campaign would want to be quite low… AI seems (albeit in our limited experience) to be a ‘dicey’ game.

Game 5

This time out we were playing Garrison Relief, with the Orks attempting to land ground troops with their Heavy Bommers. The landing was certainly complicated by the fact that there were mountains between the Orks and their targets…

The Imperials were tasked with taking out a ground target and they managed to do this quickly. I overestimated how many bombers I’d need as it was actually a Thunderbolt on a strafing run that managed it! The two flights whittled each other down over the game. The Orks made steady progress and managed to land all of their troops, but the obvious location of the landings meant that their final manoeuvres were predictable. The remaining Imperial Navy pounced on them as they took to the air again and that was it!

The Imperial Navy managed to win all of the games, losing 7 aircraft and taking out 13 of the enemy. They have great medium range punch and I think that’s quite telling. They often get to hit the Orks before they close. At medium range the effective arc of fire is much wider, so it can be easier to get the enemy in your ‘kill zone’. That certainly seemed to be the case in our games.

All told my we’ve enjoyed the games. A nice one to have in the repertoire anyway!

Until next time,