Carnage, chaos and mayhem… the special rules (Mek-yards and Low Fuel) definitely had an impact on how these games played out.

Game 3

The mountains and the Mek-yards rule definitely made impacted this mission. We played the Bandits over the River scenario (Rynn’s World, P.54) with my Thunderbolts and Furys attacking the Orks. Phil manoeuvred his aircraft into two flights, hoping to catch my oncoming flight in a pincer. In response, I throttled back, trying to keep as many of the enemy at mid range, where my shooting is most effective. This, and some lucky dice rolling, saw the Orks blown from the sky one-by-one. One of them also flew into the mountains, thanks to the unpredictability in changing altitude because of the Mek-yard experimentation below. In the last game I complained about the low survivability of the aircraft… somehow all of mine survived this time!

Game 4

This was a slightly odd mission (The Straggler, P.55 in Rynn’s World), but that’s because a key word was missing from the scenario Victory Conditions section. We should have read the FAQ before the game. There’s a bomber on the defender’s side. It can score them full VPs if it survives. Here’s the wording from the FAQ: “It may Voluntarily Disengage at any time from the attacker’s edge of the Area of Engagement without conceding any Victory points”. The bold bit was change from ‘any edge’.

It didn’t negatively impact things other than having us scratch our heads at the end of the game. Low fuel had a much bigger impact, with us both paying close attention to those fuel gauges during the game.

The Imperials had luck on their side and managed to take out all of the Orks without a loss.

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