Daelius tapped the central pict screen, drawing Gregar’s attention to the feed from a hovering Blackstar. “This one moves like 2D.352”, he said while turning a dial to zoom the display. Gregar nodded. “Yes, that’s Haunter alright, but what is it doing?”.

The fighting on Amish Prime was reaching a crescendo, with the Deathwatch getting closer to their target – the large Hazel Bunker complex. Their Tyranids foes were continuously adapting and changing. Each creature, certainly the larger ones they observed, evolving to fight the Deathwatch. The required the Astartes to hone and refine their own tactics.

Daelius opened vox to Raevnal, “Captain, has your Teleportarum target been fixed yet?”

“No Sergeant. Do you have up to date intelligence?”

“I believe so, sir. Haunter, 2D.352, is lurking in the backfield with a large contingent of Genestealers.”

”Understood. Send coordinates. We will teleport to intercept and eradicate. Hail the Emperor.”

Daelius tapped out a sequence on the cogitator. A few moments later the pict screen flashed and Raevnal’s squad was in the midst of the Tyranids.

The Game

This was our third 50PL game in the Crusade campaign and the Deathwatch very much had the measure of the Tyranids. I played very defensively as this mission required passing data/intelligence between units or destroying the opponent’s data-bearing units to score. Phil reckoned the defensive stance was a mistake and he’s probably right. I have very little ranged threat and the Deathwatch have plenty, meaning he could very much dictate the flow of the battle.

I kept my Broodlord (Haunter) and Genestealers in strategic reserve and that was definitely a mistake too. They’re so fast that they could have harried Phil’s troops following an Advance from my deployment zone. It was still a fun game, but next time I need to bring the fight to the Deathwatch!

So, another solid win for the Deathwatch in the end. They continue to push towards Haxel Bunker and their objective.