Father sat contemplatively, his back to a rusting tank. Corux flitted around. Since it manifested a couple of months ago it hadn’t seemed to cease moving. Father had noticed many changes since it arrived. He was more aware of he surroundings, his senses more attuned, more… animalistic. He hadn’t considered himself to be a leader, but since that change the Brotherhood listened to him. They obeyed him.

Avakian stood patiently, while Father pondered their next step. After a time in the dripping gloom Father spoke. “We need to move against the Promethium Dogs. Their territory is too close to our southern and hive-up side.” Avakian nodded. Corux darted off to gather the rest of the brothers and sisters. It didn’t seem to communicate directly with them, but they always knew what it intended.

For this game John and I played using the Show of Force scenario. I, with my Genestealer Cults Gang, was the attacker and I ended up with my full gang (of 10) and he was defender, with only 7 models starting the game. John used an Orlock gang called the Promethium Dogs (which is a cool name!).

Grenades thumped. Autoguns rang out. The blessed brethren pushed forward with their blades ready. At the sight of approaching humans Mutti barrelled forward swinging its power hammer wildly. It was pure aggression, but it was unfocused. Father could generally sense and subtly steer his siblings, but Mutti was different. A large human carrying an equally large hammer stepped into its path and with a single well aimed blow felled Mutti. Father hadn’t really been able to sense Mutti before, but in this moment he felt its loss. The loss was almost physical, as if he’d lost a finger. Corux reacted before Father did – its preternatural awareness feeling what he was about to do. At full speed and with the support of Griffin, a three-armed blessing, he charged at the large human. His chainsword screamed as he dodged a swing of that formidable hammer, strangely seeing it coming through Corux’s eyes. In a flurry of blows the large human fell. Another human appeared his gun pointed straight for Father, but Griffin got their first, dropping him.

The Orlocks were up against it. Their main mission was to escape and kill my guys. I had to kill them and received a bonus VP for taking a model out of action whilst they were near one of their friends. The Promethian Dogs managed to take down three of the cultists, but they struggled as they closed the gap and the Brotherhood guns started to overwhelm them. A win for the Genestealer Cultists in the end and reasonable injuries on both sides. Life is hard and fickle in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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