The T’au had a relatively short period of apparent peace on the planet they named Ur’veil. The Brotherhood infiltrated every strata of society and the Imperium returned to reclaim what was lost to them. The T’au hung on while their scientists worked on a way to bring them back to the Fifth Sphere.

This is the final game Colin and I played set on Ur’veil, which henceforth will be designated Alpha.220, the Imperium’s reclamation code for it. When they secure it, they will restore its original name.

For this game we used the London Wargaming Guild’s Combat Patrol Pack, but again it didn’t work well for the T’au. The objective was in the centre of the board (again) in this mission and the T’au struggled (again). Below is the initial deployment.

Turn 1

The T’au got to go first, but their initial shooting was poor, taking out the Atalan Jackal Wolfquad and a couple of Acolytes.

In response the cultists swarmed forward, the Jackals unleashing a barrage of demolition charges into Battlesuits. Between them and the Kelermorph, the suits were wiped out. The Abberants charged some Fire Warriors, but were unlucky and only killed a couple.

Turn 2

In response the T’au took out the Jackals and an approaching unit of Acolytes. That was as good as things got for them, though.

The Abberants, other Acolytes and the Kelermorph started to mop up the remaining T’au.

Turn 3

As a last hurrah the T’au killed off the Neophytes, but the Abberants and Acolytes finished them off…

The T’au are done with Ur’veil. The planet held so much promise for them, but they have departed. Now it’s down to the Cultists, Imperials and Orks to fight over…

Until next time,