… or should that be ‘mit dir’. Steve and I played a final game in our mini-campaign following the exploits of Panzer-Lehr and 2nd Armored in Operation Cobra. Last night’s game saw a clash between CCA and rearguard elements of the German retreat near Quibou early on the 27th July 1944. We both crafted 400pt Battlegroup lists and chose the Flanking Attack mission (P.57 of the mini rulebook).

The title of the post is derived from the leader of the StuG III platoon becoming stuck in the field in the centre. Several Bazooka and 76mm shells bounced off of him, causing him to become repeatedly (at least three times) pinned.

The Americans got to go first and started swarming in from the eastern edge of the battlefield. This set the tone of the game: the Americans ended up with sufficient orders most turns, but the Germans ended up with very few orders for most of their turns.

Below are the screenshots from the battle. You’ll see the Americans outnumbering the Germans for the whole battle and they managed to dominate the centre and both flanks.

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

I’m really enjoying Battlegroup. It’s a fun ruleset that has plenty of flavour.

We’ll move away from Operation Cobra for now and look at some battles involving the British, maybe the southern push (the Garden part) of Operation Market Garden.

Until next time,