The Tempestus Scions of the 3rd Ventrillian Grenadiers had failed to establish a secure dropzone on the far side of Alpha.220 (Game 1 | Game 2). The increasingly numerous Orks, strangely fighting under the united leadership of two very different Warbosses, have gained a strangle grip on an area that contained mining facilities and a medium-sized city for the workers. The Imperium wanted this resource back and the Blood Angels have been tasked to succeed where the Astra Militarum failed.

Mission and Deployment

We used the Secure and Control Eternal War (P.222) mission from the main rulebook. My objective (worth 3VPs) is down in the bottom right and Colin’s is behind the ruins in the top. The terrain is pretty sparse as Colin’s version of VASSAL was acting the maggot and wouldn’t render some of the terrain. Colin deployed first and the Orks had first turn. My Reivers were in reserve, as was his Deffkopta.

Round 1

This round was dominated by Da Jump! The Weirdboy teleported a 20 boy unit practically on top of my objective. They wiped out a 5 man Intercessor unit. All of the boyz died to the combined might of my Chaplain inspired Intercessors and a Lieutenant.

Round 2

Another Da Jump this turn, but it was a tactical misstep. Colin placed the boyz far from the action. They killed a Reiver (I actually command rerolled a dice to fail an armour roll!) and this made the charge a hefty 10″. They failed. In response my Reivers went in pursuit of the Weirdboy and rolled 6s to pull off an audacious charge. The Weirdboy died.

Round 3

This round saw the Warboss die to Chaplain Zariah and the Blood Angels get into a position where the Orks couldn’t possibly outscore them.


I think the Blood Angels have gained an initial foothold on this part of Alpha.220, thanks to the inspiring leadership of the storied Chaplain Zariah. Inquisitor Rackham has just made planetfall at the capital city of Alpha.220 and he has requested Zariah to join him. There is more work for the Blood Angels to do here fighting the Orks, but they may not have Zariah’s support.

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