John came over yesterday and I played my first game of the league that’s being played around Dublin. For my starting Human team I opted for a Thrower, two Catchers, three Blitzers, five Linemen, an Ogre and three re-rolls. John’s team had seen action and he was able to field two Ghouls, two Wights, two Mummies and a load of Zombies (one of which definitely deserves ‘undead of the match’). 

Luck was on my side as I got two Blitz results on the kick-off table during the game. My running game was solid and I managed to run in 3 Touch Downs. John played the brawly game and was mostly unlucky early on, failing to either break armour or cause Injury more often than not. Things changed however when he decided fouling with Zombies would be fun. This resulted in four casualties all caused by the same Zombie… No. 3! Two of those casualties were outright deaths (RIP Abelhard Schadenfreude and Helmut Helmutssonson), but the other two will be available for the next game.

John managed to run in a late Touch Down when I took my eye off the ball – I was making lunch. At that stage I probably wouldn’t have tried too hard to prevent it as keeping my Humans out of danger was the priority. 

3:1 in the end with advancements for a Catcher, Dieter Hochkatch for scoring two TDs, and a Lineman, who got MVP. I’ll give them Block and Kick respectively. A Catcher with Block and Dodge is a good bit more survivable (hopefully) and more accurate kick-offs can really slow down already slow teams! My winnings were 60,000GPs, so I decided to buy a replacement Lineman.

The win cost me a Lineman, so not too bad really.

It was a class game. Big thanks to John for coming over. 

Until next time,