Donatelus sighted his Bolt Rifle and loosed off rounds as the cultists swarmed towards him. There were too many. His team were ruthless and they gunned down those they could see, but there were so many unsighted approaches. An explosion sounded and Final Salvation shuddered. “They’re sabotaging the port side gravitic relays”, Kaagux voxed. “What does that mean?”, Donatelus retorted, his voice betraying his frustration. “We’re going to hit Syrlene… it’s just a matter of when”, came the sombre response.


“Less than two hours.”

Last time out the Deathwatch managed a quick fix to arrest the descent of the spaceport into the planet below. This time out Phil and I used the ‘Extreme Measures’ mission from the Sector Munitorum box. The Genestealer Cultists were acting as attackers and they had an uphill struggle: they had to prime at least four of the six locations to blow.

Phil got a good few of his ‘Cult Ambush’ moves and they proceeded to rush the Deathwatch positions. I made him hurt, but it wasn’t enough. I remained back too far, planning that he might get three objectives primed (indicated by turning the ammo crates red), but that the fourth wouldn’t be possible. His aggressive play played off and I was pinned back and he scored two more objectives.

My favourite moment was when Phil’s Combat Specialist Genestealer charged over a container into two Deathwatch Veterans. It failed to kill either and they subsequently fell back. It then serenely fell back too, survived the attention of an Infernus Heavy Bolter and then primed another objective to blow!

Spaceport Final Salvation is now hurtling towards Syrlene. No one is getting out of this alive, but it remains to be seen if the Deathwatch can avert catastrophe on the surface and somehow redirect the plummet away from Imperium forces on the planet’s surface.

Until next time,