Paul and Dan dropped over with their Ork and Adeptus Militarum kill teams, receptively, and we played a couple of fun games. Adding another player really changes the way the game plays. This isn’t really surprising as now you have to divide your focus on two opponents, both of whom are trying to win the game! In the two games we played my Deathwatch seemed to have a more significant issue with Dan’s Scions, leaving the Orks to do what they do best… get in close and kill things! We played the Take Prisoners and Recover Intelligence Matched Play missions.

Paul managed comprehensive victories in both games. He didn’t lose a single Ork in the second game (I flesh wounded several, but couldn’t get the kills!). The games were great fun and I am really tempted to assemble an Ork Kill Team… really tempted! I love the idea of a load of Ork Kommandos wreaking havoc.

Until next time,