Location: Canterlot to Ponyville to the Everfree Forest

Occassion: Fluttershy invited the ponies to look after the Mane Six’s pets (Intro scenario from the Main/Mane Rule Book)

Situation(s): This session saw Harmony Dream and Strong Star trying to rescue each of the Mane Six’s pets after the mischievous little creatures escaped their care. Harmony and Star were looking after the pets while the Mane Six went on an adventure to the Badlands. Key things to note are that they managed to rescue all of the pets, with the rescue of Opalescence being the most harrowing. The spiteful Magic Well nearly claimed Strong Star as he climbed down to retrieve the cat… it was all very tense! Winona was most useful and ensured the ponies didn’t get lost too many times in the forest.

On their rescue missions they were reunited with the Diamond Dogs (who we found out are named Rover, Fido and Spot) and Darren, the Mohawk. I suspect Darren’s encounter with Gummy has scarred him (if not physically, then mentally) somewhat! They also met Zecora.

Suffice to say the ponies managed to rescue all of the pets, some being more grateful (Owlowiscious, Winona, Tank) than others (Opalescence, Angel). Who knows what goes on in Gummy’s head!

Aftermath: Both ponies leveled-up and here are their Level 2 sheets –