It’s been a while since Peter and I have played. Peter used to live next door to me, so we got to play regularly. Now, alas, he lives in the darkest depths of Kerry! Thankfully VASSAL has allowed us to have a long distance gaming relationship and on Friday we played a 50 Pwr game. I was using me Blood Angels again and I faced Ad Mech for the first time.

We played our game using the Patrol Narrative scenario. It’s a nice little scenario with small forces (3 units each) starting on the table and then reserves potentially arriving from turn two. I won’t go in depth on the battle, but here are some highlights:

  • My inability to roll a 3+ (assisted by a stratagem) to get reserves.
  • The bizarre fight between my Baal Predator and Peter’s Onager Dunecrawler. I was trying to pin it in melee to stop it blasting other things.
  • Peter’s ill-fated charge of a unit of Skitarii Vanguard into a small unit of Intercessors.
  • The Kastelan Robots blasting a unit of Hellblasters and then a unit of Interscesors off the board!
  • My Warlord (Terminator Captain, with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield) eventually arriving from reserve and then wrecking everything he contacted. The Tech Priest Dominus, Cybernetica Datasmith and Kastelan Robots died to him in two turns. He’s a monster!

All told it was a fun game. We’re going to use this game as the first in a campaign using the simple ladder in the main rulebook.

Looking forward to playing this simple campaign. Any excuse to play more games!

Until next time,