I thought rather that writing a blow-by-blow account of game 2 of our campaign, I’d give a brief overview and then leave the screenshots below! It was played using the Desperate Assault mission from the Planetstrike campaign rules. Here’s a report from Game 1.

In brief it was a bloodbath (as you can see from the round-to-round increase in the number of blood splotches below) … the Imperium took out all of the Genestealer’s defences (which admittedly they stole from the Planetary Defence Forces of Syrlene XI), but the main bunker lasted long enough to allow the Lascannons and Missile Launchers to whittle down the dreadnoughts. Two large ambushes from Purestrain Genestealers, one led by the Primus and one led Patriarch himself, had varying impact. The Primus-led ambush in the north-east hit hard, but died quickly to a hail of fire. The Patriarch’s ambush was more successful. It cleared the Imperium forces from three objectives in the south and took down the Ultramarine Captain, who was the Warlord. As the Imperium forces dwindled the cult influences Astra Militarum troops moved out of the final bunker to take all bar one of the objectives. In the end the only model left on the Imperium side was the Cliosteran Primax, so we’ve decided that the next game will be a rescue mission to recover him and the badly injured Imperium Warlord.

Until next time,