Below you will find a brief background, injury chart and advancement chart for short Warhammer 40,000. The background sets up a showdown between the Carcharodons and the Blood Angels, but the rule are pretty generic. The injury and advancement charts are based on those found at and


Cassius froze, his eyes unblinking through his magnoculars as he took in the horror of the Carcharodons cleansing a neighbourhood. With ruthless brutality they scorched a hab block with heavy flamers. The civilians that fled from the ground floor levels were gunned down, while others trapped higher up leapt to their deaths rather than die to the flames engulfing their homes. The scene was unfathomable. He could not understand such wanton disregard for Imperial citizens displayed by other Adeptus Astartes. They should be driven by nobler ideals.

His stunned observation ended abruptly as he barely dodged a vicious blow. He could not have seen it coming, but he sensed it somehow. He just avoided a massive sword that rent chunks of plascrete from the ground beside him. Cassius’ hand scrambled to find his Storm Shield as he swung his head to identify his assailant. The traitor Horus glared at the stricken terminator, the unbridled joy of destruction writ large on his foul visage. Cassius’ hearts pounded…

With a jolt Cassius was brought back to Turelia VI and the horrific sight before him. He was no longer frozen, he could feel the desire for battle coursing through his body. He reached instinctively for the Thunder Hammer hanging at his side. “Captain… Captain Cassius…”. Wide-eyed, Cassius snapped his head towards Brother Assurius. The images of burning civilians and the vile Warmaster were fused in his mid, his heartsbeat drumming in his ears. Cassius drew a calming breath. “Brother Assurius, gather Force Veritas,” he ordered, “We move against the Carcharodons. They have been turned and must be stopped.” Assurius took pause for a moment, but he knew better than to question a veteran of five hundred years and hurried to fulfil his Captain’s order. Cassius lifted his Storm Shield from against the shattered wall and looked back towards the smoking hab block. The traitors must be stopped. Sanguinius would see it done.


Use the Open War deck.

Injury Chart

If a model with the CHARACTER keyword is removed as a casualty during a game roll on the D66 table below after the game. Any stat reductions (e.g. Strength -1) are always assumed to be to a minimum of 1.

11-12: All is Dust – The Character is dead and may not be used again in this Campaign

13-16: Terrible Injury – The Character cannot participate in the next Campaign Game. Additionally, before they are rolled again roll a D6: 1 = Fickle Fate, 2 = Befuddled Mind, 3 = Failed Healing, 4-6 = Lingering Damage. Rules for these effects also apply and are detailed below.

21-22: Fickle Fate – The Character must re-roll Saving Throws of 6 for the rest of the Campaign.

23-24: Befuddled Mind – Each turn before the first time another model attempts to use a special rule granted by the Character roll a D6: 1-3 The special rule is not available this turn, 4-6 The special rule is available as usual.

25-26: Failed Healing – The Character suffers -1 Toughness and may only Advance D3” for the rest of the Campaign.

(Results 21-26 do not stack. If you get the same result again later in the Campaign, including if via the Terrible Injury result, treat it instead as 31-36 Lingering Damage, as detailed below.)

31-36: Lingering Damage – Roll a D6: 1-2 = Attack -1, 3-4 = Strength -1, 5-6 = Toughness -1. This effect lasts for the duration of the next game the Character participates in.

41-46: Recovered – The Character makes a full recovery and is available to participate in the next game.

51-53: Unnatural Aggression – The Character can re-roll any failed To Hit rolls. However the Character must always end your Movement phase at least 3” closer to the nearest visible enemy unit. At the end of each subsequent game you may keep this effect or allow this effect to end.

52-56: If the Character has the PSYKER keyword they gain Psychic Overload – When the Character casts Smite, its range is increased to 24” and it inflicts D3+1 Mortal Wounds or D6+2 Mortal Wounds when cast on an 11+. However, if the Character does not attempt to cast Smite in your Psychic Phase, or fails to cast it, you suffer a Mortal Wound.

If the Character does not have the PSYKER keyword (or is a PSYKER who has already gained the Psychic Overload effect) they gain Battle Sight – When the Character miss with more To Hit rolls than they success with in either the Shooting Phase or Fight Phase, they suffer a Mortal Wound Otherwise they gain one more attack or shot. Characters with Battle Sight may opt to take fewer attacks or shot than allowed in the Shooting Phase and Fight Phase.

61-64: Fated – The Character makes a full recovery and is available to participate in the next game. Additionally, for the next time when a friendly unit within 12” of the Character suffers a Mortal Wound roll a D6, the Mortal Wound is ignored on a 6.

65-66: Destined – The Character makes a full recovery and is available to participate in the next game. The Character may re-roll a single die per game for the rest of the Campaign.

Advancement Chart

If a model with the CHARACTER keyword survives a game AND achieves one or more of the following tasks roll on the D6 table below after the game.


• Personally inflicts 15 Damage during the game.

• Successfully casts, or prevents from being cast, 5 Psychic Powers during the game.

• Performs 3 Heroic Interventions during the game.

1: Clarity – Roll a further D6: 1-3 = Move +1; 4-6= Attack +1.

2: Ferocity – The Character may re-roll failed charge rolls.

3 Precise – The Character may re-roll a single die per turn.

4: Fortitude – Roll a further D6: 1-3 = Toughness +1; 4-6= Wounds +1.

5: Tactician – Roll a D6 whenever an army containing this Character spends Command Points. On a 5+ it recovers one Command Point.

6: Strategist – A battle-forged army that contains this Character receives +1 CP.