Phil and I are pretty different. We studied very different things in college (Forensic Anthropology vs Computer Engineering); are from quite different places (Port Laoise vs Dublin); and live quite different lives (Phil makes cider in Hamburg and I’m a professor of Computer Science in TCD).

So, what do we have in common? You guessed it… wargaming. But it’s more than that. We approach wargaming similarly. We like to be competitive, but not too competitive. We enjoy the hobby side of things and will more regularly discuss painting or fluff than tactics. Wargaming is an excuse to socialise rather than just an end goal for us.

We play pretty much every week (thanks to VASSAL) and we play a variety of games (Warhammer 40,000 recently, Malifaux frequently, Saga a while ago, Command & Colors not too long ago, Warmachine and Hordes quite a while ago, and more!). Today was one of the rare occasions we got to play each other face to face. Malifaux was our game of choice today (and why not… it is an amazing game). Here are some tweets from the game:

(That should have been “Turn 4”)

We randomly decided who would play which faction as I brought my puppet models. I got Lady J, but as you can see it was a closely run thing. Malifaux always delivers and playing an opponent like Phil guarantees a close and fun game.

So, what is this post about? It’s about friendship. The friends you make through wargaming are the best thing about our hobby. Oh yeah, it’s also about post-game beers. Beer is good too! 😉

Until next time,