I recently picked up My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria  to play with the kids. It’s a very nice introduction to roleplaying! This post is mostly for me to remember what’s happening from session to session. I’ll write a review once we’ve played it for a while.

Location: Canterlot

Occassion: A Festival on a sunny day with stalls, ponies playing with a kitten, band setting up, young ponies playing Hoofball, etc.

Situation(s): Band dropped a trombone, kitten ran, but Strong Star (Ciarán) couldn’t catch it and it fled up a tall tree. Harmony Dream (Aoibhinn) talked to a bird and asked it to convince to kitten to come down, but the kitten was too scared. Strong Star began to climb the tree with his rope, but his metal barding was too heavy, so Harmony used Telekinesis to lower the armour down. Strong Star climbed up to the kitten and convinced it to hop into his saddlebag. The kitten was returned safely to the ponies who were playing with it.

The band leader made an announcement looking for a flautist to join the band and Harmony Dream responded. Unfortunately, she fluffed her try out. Harmony and Star decided to do some shopping and bought lunch and Harmony bought a musical note bracelet and plain necklace from Glitter Sparkle, which Strong Star helped to make into a necklace with Harmony’s guidance.

While eating lunch they spotted a bully pony stamp on (and burst) the ball the young ponies were playing with. Strong Star tried to talk to him, but the bully got rough! A scuffle ensued and Strong Star saw off the bully. He bought a new ball for the young ponies and joined in in a game of Hoofball with them (subsequently twisting an ankle!).

Meanwhile Harmony Dream practiced the flute and was overheard by Musical Note, the band leader, who invited her to reaudition. She nailed it and played with the band. As their first song was ending the sky suddenly darkened and big boom of thunder sounded out. The crowd ran from the heavy rain that followed and the performance came to a premature end.

Strong Star saw the cause of the unnatural weather… it was Trixie.

Dun-dun-duuuun! She ran off and the limping Strong Star couldn’t catch her.

The ponies went back to Aoife’s (as yet unnamed) pony character’s house, where they were staying while in Canterlot (they’re from Ponyville).