It’s time to give the Vampire Counts a little Warhammer Rampant treatment. This is such a fun army with a very distinctive feel. It’d be intriguing to see if Dragon Rampant can capture that feel of the undead… that implacable and unmoving steadfastness.

Units marked with a * have had their points manually adjusted by me, usually because I removed rules or added rules. Reduced Model Units (RMU) or in some cases Increased Model Units (IMU) are noted below along with their Strength Points.

The Vampire Count Unit Dragon Rampant Base Unit Options and Fantastical Rules Points Cost Models
Vampire – Dread Knight Greater Warbeast  Undead (No Feelings) 6 1 (RMU/6)
Vampire – The Master Light Foot Summoner; Undead (No Feelings) 6 1 (RMU/12)
Vampire – The Arkayne Heavy Foot Spellcaster; Undead (No Feelings) 8 1 (RMU /12)
Necromancer Light Foot Wizardling; Optional: add Summoner (+3) 5 1 (RMU / 12)
Zombie Horde Ravenous Horde Undead (No Feelings) 1 12
Skeleton Warriors Heavy Foot Undead (No Feelings) 4 12
Dire Wolves* Light Riders Remove all Shoot rules; Undead (No Feelings) 3 6
Bat Swarm* Scouts Remove all Shoot rules, Skirmish and Fleet Footed; Increase move to 12″; Flying;Undead (No Feelings) 3 3 (RMU / 6)
Grave Guard Elite Foot Undead (No Feelings) 6 12 (IMU / 6)
Black Knights Heavy Riders Undead (No Feelings) 4 6
Spirit Host  Light Foot Invisibility; Undead (No Feelings)  6  12
Cairn Wraiths Bellicose Foot Undead (No Feelings) 4 3 (RMU / 12)
Blood Knights Elite Riders Venomous;Undead (No Feelings) 9 6
Black Coach Lesser Warbeasts Venomous; Undead (No Feelings)  7  1 (RMU / 6)


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