Here are a few more Puppet Wars models. I’ve attached Bête Noire to a 30mm base (using Blue Tac) as I hope to use the puppet Ressurectionists as a Malifaux crew. I’m planning to scratch build a Puppet Avatar Seamus too! Here’s the 35ss crew I’m thinking of building –

  • Seamus, The Mad-Hatter — 7 Pool (Puppet)
    • Seamus, Avatar of Dread [2ss] (Scratch build)
  • Bête Noire [9ss] (Puppet)
  • Convict Gunslinger [6ss] (Puppet)
  • Punk Zombie [5ss] (Puppet)
  • Rotten Belles [4ss] (Puppet)
  • Rotten Belles [4ss] (Puppet – Lady J or Ronin)

I’ve now painted 13 of the original 18 from the box.

I just need to paint the last five now…

Until next time,