In my last post about this army I had two models left to paint – the Stone Keeper and the Druid Wilder. I used an old Wood Elves model for the Stone Keeper and found a suitable model for the Druid Wilder during my recent trip to Hamburg.

Here’s a video showing off this army –

Here’s the full list –

    Army Name: Kaya2
    Circle Orboros
    35+3 points, 15 models

    Kaya the Moonhunter +3 points
    * Laris
    * Pureblood Warpwolf 9 points
    * 2x Warpwolf Stalker 10 points each
    * Druid Wilder 2 points

    Shifting Stones 2 points
    * Stone Keeper 1 point
    Shifting Stones 2 points
    2x War Wolf 1 point each

    Additional Rules: Eligible for Call of the Wild, tier 1

I’m looking forward to getting some play with them. I’ll probably write a theory post on it soon as I attempt to figure out how the army will work!

Until next time,