Peter and I are four games into our Infantry Aces campaign. Infantry Aces is an escalating campaign with three games played at 500, 700 and 900 points levels. So far we’ve played the three 500pt games and a 700pt game. Honours are pretty even with both of us going different routes for our Ace’s advancement. I’ve gone with leadership advances as the Hoch und Deutschmeister are only Confident/Trained. Peter has gone the tactics route, specifically the ability to call in some artillery support.

In the third game, set in a small village on the outskirts of Cassino, I ended up defending with a single objective on the hill amongst the buildings. It was a modified Cauldron scenario. I set up one platoon of Reichsgrenadiers (Rifle/MG) in the village and held another in ambush. As Peter’s rifle platoon approached the village I deployed the ambush and assaulted them driving them back, but not breaking them. Another of Peter’s platoons came on in reserve and my ambushing platoon again assaulted. This time my platoon was destroyed, but the Americans took a good few casualties. Peter tried one assault into the town, but decided without any way to pin my MG/Rifle platoons continuing would have been too costly and conceded.

For our fourth game we jumped to 700pts and I added some fortifications to my army – two MG nests, a Panzer II turret and five sections (40″) of barbed wire. We played on the same terrain as this time the scenario was No Retreat. I set up my fortifications before the objectives are placed. I did a pretty good job in placing them, but that was more luck than skill. This game played out in a very similar manner to the last. My ambushing platoon popped up in the village and slowed Peter’s progress. I got all of my reserve platoons early and was able to fend off the pioneers that moved up my left flank. Peter wasn’t tempted to assault my line and I wasn’t keen to move out of my fortified position. Another stalemate.

I’ll ditch the fortifications for the next game in favour of some more open play. I think both of our Aces can take advancements again – I’ll stick with the leadership track.

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