Swamp Gobbers… that make all the difference. In a recent game against Anthony’s Trollbloods the centre of the battlefield was a mass of Legionnaires, Blighted Ogryn and Fennblades. These guys, however didn’t do the heavy lifting. There were three stars of the game, which was played using the Incursion scenario.

#3 The Shepherd that scored two control points on the right flank. Nothing particularly impressive about that – she had nothing better to do after the Ravagore was decimated (more on that below).

#2 The Swamp Gobbers who blocked a charge lane from eMadrak to Kallus and survived 9 missed attacks to effectively win the game for me. DEF 15 is pretty sweet!

#1 The shining stars of the game were the Pygmy Burrowers. Anthony dug them in on turn 1. When they popped up eMadrak put Blood Fury on them and then something amazing happened. There was a Carnivean with its animus up and a Ravagore in charge range, so four Digmys charged into each and showed what an extra damage dice can do! Both beasts were totalled. Later on they managed to put a load of damage on Kallus too. Not enough to win the game, but more than I expected. At 6 points they are severely undercosted!

The game went to me on scenario, but I only had four models on the board at the end of the game! It was the narrowest of wins.

Until next time,