I’ve been testing Harkevich recently and so far I’m not impressed. I’m trying him out for a tournament that’s coming up on Sunday, but I’ve yet to figure out what he’s good at. Part of his feat and the Broadside spell are obviously intended for ranged ‘jacks, but therein lines the problem. The Khadoran ‘jacks can’t hit the broadside (haha!) of a barn on RAT 4 and POW 7 blasts are going to kill very little. Black Ivan is tailor-made for Harkevich as boosted attack rolls are necessary.

Tonight I tried him with some melee ‘jacks – Beast-09 and a Juggernaut. Escort (and its +2″ movement) is great on them. Fortune is quite nice too. The second half of Harkevich’s feat (free charge/slam and +3 ARM) is quite useful too

In the game tonight against a Tier 3 Bethayne army I used his feat defensively to get up in the face of Joe’s Hex Hunters and managed to engage a good chunk of his army. It was at that point that I realised the power of Bethayne’s feat. The Hex Hunters’ boosted magic attack and damage rolls decimated my Iron Fang Pikemen and the pair of Hellions took out my Great Bears, Aiyana, Holt and a Koldun Lord. Ouch! And that was Joe being nice. He could have easily taken down Harkevich that turn. I killed a few things in retaliation, but the writing was on the wall. One arced spell later and Harkevich was toast.

To be fair thst was a tough matchup, but I’m still trying to figure out what he’s good at….