I looked into this about three months ago, but didn’t have time to make progress on it then. I don’t have time now, but somehow I’ve managed to produce this version. VASSAL is essentially a boardgame simulator that allows players to play online – modules can be produced for different games. It does not simulate any of the game rules or logic. Players need to know how to play the game and have access to model cards.

This Malifaux module is not available for public download as I have yet to clear it with the relevant copyright holders – I wanted to produce this  envelope consultant of concept first. If you can suffer through my prattling for about 7 minutes here it is…

Shown in the video is house heater repair v0.21 of the Malifaux Vassal Module. As you can see the card decks and hands work well and the basic miniature movement is fine. I forgot to show the deployment overlays and flipping cards to make them visible to your opponent, which work also.

Diagonal Deployment

The main outstanding items are Malifaux specific damage grids and obviously sprite artwork for the individual models!

From here I want to go into a test cycle and begin the process of getting copyright approval.



PS I case it needs to be said – I’m not looking to make any money from this. It is just a small project that may be of value to other wargamers.