This’ll be a quick one. Tonight myself and Phil got a game in on VASSAL. I guess it’s down to a joint New Years resolution to play more games against each other. Phil lives in Hamburg and VASSAL gives use a chance to play against each other. We played a 25pt Break the Line game with my Khadorans trying to keep his Menites from moving into southern Khador. The High Reclaimer has an interest in Scourge Bringer, so is attempting to make his way north. Here’s the deployment for the game –
It went pretty well for me. I pushed my army slowly towards the Protectorate force, using Superiority and Iron Flesh to buff my Juggernaut and Iron Fang Pikemen respectively. The Destroyer killed five Zealots with a single shot on the right flank after the Man-o-War unit killed the Paladin. The Reclaimer’s ash clouds were a pain, but I managed to push my Juggernaut into contact with the Vanquisher, which suffered a free strike trying to move away from the bug red ‘jack. It had moved away so the zealots could throw ‘Fervored’ bombs at the Juggernaut. Thankfully Phil’s damage rolls were terrible. This gave it the opportunity to walk into the High Reclaimer and squish him. Here’s how it ended –
Turn 6
It was a good game as we both had to be careful not to lose the game on scenario. Phil’s a great opponent and we plan to play a 4x25pt ANNIHILATION campaign starting soon.