IMG 7914
Continuing my ‘proxied’ Circle Orboros army here’s my Pureblood Warpwolf. The miniature is a limited edition Wolfen from the Confrontation range called Varghar. I chopped off the large axe he was carrying in his left hand and decided to base him on ‘stone’ rather than the skull and bone pile he came with. I think he makes a decent proxy for the Pureblood.

IMG 7915I decided to try something different when painting its skin. The model was undercoated white, which I touched up with a wash of watered down Skull White. I then glazed it with a very pale blue glaze made up of 1:1:2 Space Wolves Grey:Water:Glaze Medium. Glaze medium is a retardent so it took about 24 hours to dry! I made a dark navy/grey glaze which I applied to the fur. I applied this while the other glaze was still wet. Once dried all areas received a watered down Asurmen Blue wash. The model (except the fur) was then drybrushed (using downward strokes) a 1:1 mix of Skull White:Space Wolves Grey. Finally high level edges were picked out with pure Shull White.

The other colours are just watered down base colours with a wash applied.

Apart from the waiting time it was a quick miniature to paint.