Mercenaries LogoIn my last post about the Privateers I claimed Phinneus Shae is a hard man to kill! Well, Typhon proved this evening that is not the case. It took three boosted sprays, one of which that missed, but the Legion character beast got the job done…

Joe’s 35pt force was led by Absylonia and he used her to great effect, buffing his beasts and feating at just the right moment to heal loads of damage. I felt that I’d nearly killed each of the beasts (Typhon and Carnivean) at least three times!

IMG 1517I’m not very good with the pirates yet, but I got some things right this evening. Shae’s feat was very effective at helping to deliver the army to where it needed to be. It, coupled with Coup de Main and Mr. Walls’ mini-feat, gave the Sea Dogs an impressive charge. They had Payday on them too, so they showed a unit of Striders (plus UA) who was boss. They’d had Phantasm cast and upkept on them until that turn, so this coupled with 4+ Tough (from Doc) and No Sleeping on the Job made them a difficult target to get at range.

IMG 1520I did, however, also have several screw ups during the game. I used the Buccaneer’s assault to knock Typhon down. I then shot him with the Commodore, but of course couldn’t slam him! This was annoying as they probably would have hit him on an effective RAT 12 10 (base RAT 4, 2 x Gunnery, Aiming and Money Shot) without the knock down. The slam would have creamed the Shepherd behind it! Forgetting to allocate focus to my Nomad before it was due to charge the Carnivean was another mess up. It still got to charge (under Coup de Main), but just didn’t have the damage output without the additional focus.

IMG 1524My biggest screw up, though, was forgetting to win the game. We played the Close Quarters scenario and I had picked up one control point already. I spent a turn focussed on killing off a Carnivean (the audacious beast had attempted an ill-conceived assassination on Shae), but forgot to move one of several available solos into the control zone to net my second (game winning) control point. Typhon assassinated Shae on the next turn, doing exactly the amount of damage needed with its three sprays.

I’m still learning, but the Privateers are still a bit of a mystery to me. Oh well!