Okay – I’m too tired to write a proper battle report, so here’s a quick narrative review of tonight’s game. Dave’s army consisted of –

  • Karchev the Terrible
  • Behemoth
  • Kodiak
  • War Dog
  • Widowmakers
  • Mechaniks (5)

I had a slightly altered list from that which I ran recently

  • Iron Lich Asphyxious
  • Skarlock
  • Gorman di Wulfe
  • 2 Defilers
  • Bane Knights (6)
  • Bane Thralls (6)
  • Bile Thralls (7)
  • Mechanithralls (6)

Here’s another foray into the narrative battle report …

Was it recently or long ago? Time was inconsequential to the Iron Lich. Immortality was his blessing from Lord Toruk and Asphyxious has embraced it and the opportunities it affords. It was the silliest thing how a shape, a dark shade or a scream could ignite a memory, but his immortal memory spans such a long time that he was not sure when these events had happened. He recalled how Tartarus fell upon and slew the snipers after they had dropped several of his Knights, their deaths reanimating the fallen Banes. These newly risen continued the carnage ruining the man-machine’s entourage of Mechaniks. Mechanithralls had died to the the large ‘jacks bombards. Bile Thralls exploded in a glory of destruction and gore, but they had killed little.

The man-machine’s mechanical cohort was more difficult to vanquish than his flesh and blood troops, particularly the large one with the guns. It had destroyed one of his arc nodes at range and had charged the other. It amused him to remember how it had pounded its large fists down, only to hit nothing. It had not amused him to see the Defiler crumpled as it backed away from the lumbering beast. It was all coming back to him now.

He could see the man-machine limping. The searing blast of Hellfire had done its worst, but with the arc nodes destroyed it would fall to him to finish the job. Yes, yes, he had been hard to damage, but before they were destroyed He had used the arc node to channel his destructive powers at the enemy ‘caster. Tartarus engaged the smaller ‘jack and his Bane Thralls totalled the larger, just after the mercenary had blinded it with one of his concoctions. He knew even in this damaged state that Karchev… yes, Karchev is what they called him… would be dangerous. Asphyxious had ensured the Knights moved to block the man-machine’s charge lanes and finished him with his magics. He was not sure why these memories came to him now, but they pleased him.

Gorman di Wulfe proved invaluable in throwing down smoke clouds and in blinding the Behemoth with Black Oil. He was hurt by Asphyxious’ feat, but it would take a very unlucky role to kill him. He’s ARM12 with 5 boxes and the feat does POW5 to living models. If he is unharmed a role of 12 on 2D6 would be needed to kill him. I’ll take that risk everytime!