I recently blitzed some unpainted Cryx models I’d been stockpiling. Cryx is a faction I’ve had for a while, but it’s always been secondary to my Khadorans (and probably in third place if you count my Legion of Everblight). So, I’ve recently started using the faction and decided to start with the Iron Lich Asphyxious to lead them. In the games I’ve had so far he has performed well and I like the way the faction plays. The only problem I have is that on a medium base Asphyxious can occasionally find himself the target of unwanted attention. In steps Gorman di Wulfe and his Smoke Bombs. I wanted to paint him in the same muted tones as the Cryxian force, but also wanted him to stand out a little.
Gorman di Wulfe (Front)
Gorman di Wulfe (Back)
I started by undercoating him with GW Chaos Black and then gave the whole miniature a sequence of increasingly light drybrushes. I started with Scorched Earth, then gradually mixed Graveyard Earth into that for the next 3-4 drybrushes. Finally I added increasing amounts Bleached Bone to this mix for another 2-3 drybrushes. From here I tackled the cloak as it was the most visible area of the miniature. I mixed a 1:1:1 blend of Vallejo Middlestone, Vallejo Green Grey and GW Bleached Bone. I then very, very lightly drybrushed this over the cloak area. This had the effect of tinting the previous layers and left a nice graduated outcome. It is this green hue that is quite different from the other Cryx models and will make him stand out. The highlighting and shading colours are similar though, so he shouldn’t stand out too much. He’s a little similar in colour to my Alten Ashley, who I must photograph.

The gloves were drybrushed with GW Fortress Grey and then again with a small amount of Skull White added. On the shirt I used the same effect with a light drybrush of P3 Greatcoat Grey and then GW Shadow Grey. The edge of the shirt was picked out in Bleached Bone and the face mask was also lightened with another drybrush of Bleached Bone. The gas mask was finished using Snakebite Leather and Boltgun Metal, highlighted with Mithril Silver. The hat was brought up through layers of brown, using Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather and then dulled using Scorched Earth. The vials were painted with Ice Blue and highlighted in 2-3 layers by adding Skull White. The boot straps were picked out using Snakebite Leather. Metals were either Boltgun Metal or a 3:1 mix of Brazen Brass and Mithril Silver.

All areas apart form the shirt and the cloak were washed with a 1:1 mix of Devlan Mud and Badab Black. The base is builder’s sand PVA glued down and then a very wet mix of Graveyard Earth and water (1:4) applied when dry. Select areas were then flocked. This basing scheme is consistent with my Khador and Cryx armies (except the Cryx also have small patches of snow added).

Photographing Gorman di WulfePhotographing this miniature was a little challenging with a single light source as the wide-brimmed hat obscures the face when lit from above. I usually place the lamp about 6″ above and slightly to the front of the miniature at the 1 o’clock position. In these shots I had to lie the lamp almost level with the miniature. This casts a long shadow, but I can live with that. I really must set my lightbox up with multiple light sources.

Anyway, a quick spray of matt varnish for protection and Gorman is ready to include in Cryx army, or the Khador army to help protect the Butcher and Karchev for that matter.