This day had been over two hundred years in the making. Lisseult had caused the downfall of Malfleur and now sought to bring the forever living gift to all of Bretonnia. First, an relic of great power, buried an age ago must be retrieved. She’d whispered secrets and promises to many others, but this was a promise she’d made herself.


Duke Earl de Killair, the Butcher of Parravon, detested patrolling. The air whooshed by and the scenery of southern Bretonnia speed by below, but there was no glory in it; no violence in it (other than that he inflicted on lowly peasants when he returned from patrol, but what did they count). His winged mount snorted, its sharp vision picking out something on the horizon. Now he saw it too. A dust cloud that could only signify an approaching army. And only trouble ever approached form the south.

Luke and I played a 1750pt game pitting his Bretonnians against my Undead Mousillon army, using the Vampire Count army list. We played The Lonely Tower (Command & Control) scenario, with some dark ruins representing the place where Lisseult’s prize lay.

The undead’s right flank is where the battle would be won or lost for them. Unfortunately I had no response for his characters. They were very tooled up! The Duke on Royal Pegasus was a beast and tore through the Blood Knights. My Black Knights smashed up some Knights Errant and overran into a large block of Knights. Again the character proved difficult to overcome. We had a good fight there though and it came down to a 50:50 ward save roll as to whether he lived or not.

In the centre the Grave Guard were whittling down the Knights and I think they may have cleared out the ruins if left to fight it out, but with the right flank crumbling (literally, my general died!), there was little point in continuing.

Lisseult will have to pick up herself and try another way to get the prize!

It was a fun game. I look forward to another battle against Luke’s Bretonnians again soon.

Until next time,