The slaughter was glorious. Lisseult smiled, even as she galloped away from the Dwarfen hold and a close call with a Dwarfen axe. Lisseult’s whispers in the Duchess’ ear had brought about this death and destruction. Death… that’s what Lisseult sought. Not her own of course; she planned to live forever. Her ever-existance would be drawn from the death of these hapless stooges. Her plan was working… the Dwarfs would leave the human dead to rot, little knowing they would rise to rejoin the Bretonnian ranks. The eyes of the living were shielded to the death in their ranks. It was all glorious. Glory to her, she mused, her cadaverous smile drawing into a grin.

Another game in our building narrative… but this time the Bretonnians were in for a rude awakening, an awakening to the sound of Dwarfen guns!


Here’s how things looked after deploying our 1500pt forces.

We scattered the terrain before deploying. This left a perfect ‘castling’ location for the Dwarfs: a hill in their deployment zone and an open field in front of it! This would prove to be important!

The Game

The photos below pretty much tell the story… my Lances were shot up, 2 never making contact with the enemy. The third put up a weak fight when it charged, causing the Dwarfs to give ground, but then the Lance fled. And… that was pretty much it.

In terms of the narrative, Lisseult got what she wanted. Namely, more death. She’ll now campaign with the Duchess in the Border Princes. Our next game will be set about 100 years later… when the Bretonnians return, with Lisseult leading them as an undead legion.

Until next time,