Mentag spat a gore covered stone to the ground. He wasn’t picky about his food, but he had to wonder how the Butcher managed to get so many stones and rocks into his special preparations. These humans were stringy and tough too, though for the most part their horses were perfectly fine. Something exotic about their meat. These intruders had been trying to pass through his lands over the last few days. The boys had been having sport with them until now, picking off sentries and scouts. Mere appetisers. It was time to smash the interlopers. Time for the main course.

Game 1: Meeting Engagement

This is the first of two 2000pt games Phil and I managed to play recently, with his Ogres facing a my Bretonnian Exiles. was acting up slightly on Phil so the Ogres got a couple of additional rules in this game… most notably Swiftstride. We reckoned they’d eaten some strange fungus, let’s call it Rotstier, that gave them a bit of a speed boost.

The Ogres smashed the Bretonnians pretty comprehensively, two significant charges blunting lances in key locations along the battleline. The Bretonnians scrambled from there, but the Ogres were relentless. Their highlight was some Mounted Yoemen chasing down the enemy general. The rest of the battle was pretty much the highlight for the Ogres as they marauded through the Bretonnian lines.

Game 2: Command & Control

This was a much tighter game (and we got the rules right!). The central ruins were the main objective and we had a humdinger of a fight for them. The centre of the Bretonnian line was hit hard and buckled (badly), though things on the wings went better. The Pegasus Riders and a large, character-heavy, Lance worked their way up the left side; the Knights Errant did some work on the right. These swung back around, eventually hitting the Ogres in the ruins after other attempts to dislodge them failed. They were finally destroyed by that large lance, leaving just enough time for the characters to enter the ruins and claim the prize. But what could have been so important to the Ogres and so coveted by Lisseult?

The game ended as a hard fought draw! What a game?!

There you have it, two great games and a load of photographic evidence. Is there anything better looking in wargaming than two fully painted Warhammer armies clashing? I’m not sure there is.

Until next time,