Gharnag gathered the horde. These humans needed to be vanquished from these lands.


I set Warhall to take screenshots every ten minutes for this 1500pt game. Here’s how the battle unfolded…

Key Moments

  • We had some very messy situations to resolve in this game…
  • Trying to understand how a Terror causing character in a large unit impacted whether a smaller charging unit would take a Fear check before it caused confusion (in us as players!).
  • Some of the charges/flees were complicated, but we took time to resolve them correctly.

This ended as a draw, with the Bretonnians narrowly outscoring the Beastmen in VP.

The carnage was great. The gods would be pleased. The humans suffered, as did his horde, but suffering was worship. The suffering he wrought made him a good disciple.

Until next time,