One thing I’ve been bad at over the last couple of years is posting photos of models I’ve painted. I’ll try to be better at this. Here’s about 1100pts of Death Gard for Legions Imperialis. I’ll add a Reaver Titan or a couple of Knights to field an 1500pt force.

They’re straightforward to paint: a skeleton bone spray, wash with a heavily thinned sepia, a drybrush with bone, black Contrast on the tracks and metal areas, a very light drybrush with silver, pick out the green accent areas and then a small bit of weathering with a sponge on the vehicles.

This is quite a mobile force. The Thunderhawk can either transport the Terminators or drop the Assault Marines off in flight. The Terminators can also Deep Strike into position. All of the other infantry are mounted in Rhinos. I have alternative turrets for the tanks, so I can field them in a variety of combinations, though I think it makes sense for each tank in a unit to have the same loadout as I can’t see myself splitting fire that often.

Until next time,