I printed and painted the Adeptus Custodes army during Covid-19 lockdowns, but I’ve never fielded them… well not until a recent game with Ciarán. He asked that I put them on the table for a 500pt game of Boarding Actions. I got all of 8 models in the force… quite different from the near 50 I have in a 500pt Ork force! They may be few, but they are hard as nails.

The game went well… I lost my Shield Captain to the Skorpek Destroyer Lord, but the Guardians just behind him took care of them and a Destroyer unit! This was the key action of the battle as it allowed for a couple of highly valuable objectives to be secured. The Allarus were cagier, grabbing another objective at the other end of the board.

I still struggle to think of what the circumstances are that would cause the Custodes to fight… they’re so elite! We reasoned that they want to try to irradiate the Necrons before they all wake from their slumber.

It was fun, but I’m in no rush to field them again.

Until next time,