Any opprotunity to play Warcry and I’m there! It is possibly Games Workshop’s most elegant game.

Game 1

A gory version of whac-a-mole was the mission for game one. A gorewyrm could pop up at one of three locations, cause some mayhem and then (potentially) relocate when the warriors retaliated. Whichever warband inflicted the most damage would be the victor. The twist had a model in each warband become a ‘locus of destruction’ or some such, meaning any attack within 3” of them inflicted criticals on 5-6 instead of just on 6s.

My Corvus Cabal faced Dave’s gorgeous devotees of Nurgle. My speed put me in good positions to attack the wyrm and its early relocates were favourable to me. This allowed the crows to build up an early lead on wounds. I mostly stayed as far away from the slow moving disciples of decay as possible. By turn three my lead was commanding and I did engage the enemy a little. They struck back against the gorewyrm, but didn’t quite have the luck I’d had and fell a bit short of my tally. It was an excellent game and the whole thing looked amazing. Dave was a really fun opponent too.

Anyway… here’s some eye candy.

Game 2

This was another fun mission with a twist that really helped the Corvus Cabal… +1 damage to hits and crits is really nice! The mission had the defender, me, nominate a model per turn to be a ‘taunter’. Every round they survive and end within 6″ of an enemy and 4″ from an edge, they earn 1 VP. The enemy gains 2 VP for killing them. This was a bit of a cat and mouse game, but I took down John’s really scary leader in Turn 1, and that eased the pressure on my left flank. I could concentrate ‘taunters’ there while the Centaurion Marshal acted as a roadblock in the centre. It was another fun game that looked great. John is always a fun opponent to play against.

John and Dave played a third game, with them each trying to occupy some platforms making up a defensive wall. Here are some photos…

It was a tight game, but John’s Khorne won out in the end. The rule where models on platforms may fall if attacked came into play at key moments!

Until next time,