Ur’veil, an Imperium planet until it was conquered and renamed by the T’au, has had a history of conflict through the eons. The T’au have recently started to evacuate the planet, but rearguard units are still performing missions, mostly to secure alien archeotech that predates any of the known civilisations. This game featured Gavin’s Hunter Cadre, named T’Olku Hovaug’s Repairmen, seeking just such treasures. However, little did they know they were being hunted down Kill Team Gamma, a Deathwatch Intercession squad…

Secure Archeotech


  • My Intercessor Sergeant charging into a Rail Rifle-armed Pathfinder only to suffer 8 wounds and cause none!
  • The Stealth Suits getting to the objectives first.
  • Bolter Discipline combined with Devastator Doctrine doing horrendous damage to the T’au.
  • Fusion Blasters and Burst Cannons doing some serious damage in return.
  • The Deathwatch having more survivability and grabbing several of the objectives in the last turn.

This was a fun game, giving me a chance to reacquaint myself with the rules and teach Gavin the basics. We hope to play more games soon.

Until next time,