Scenario 4 of Hope Eternal

Estin Harshan and Neb Lando sat opposite each other, mouths agape and eyes wide. Chelle grinned, knowing the audacity of what she recommended they do, “That’s right… I know the time, I know the place… all I’m suggesting we do is blow up a system! We might need some help.”

For this game we needed to secure the support of Vel Krender. They’d worked on a research facility in Droggal, a lifeless system we wish to destroy (!). However, there’s a complication (isn’t there always) – Vel’s village has come under attack by slavers. We’re going to save the villagers and hopefully Vel will agree to help us.

I thought we were screwed about three turns into this game. The slavers were swarming in from everywhere, but we methodically began to clear them out. Twice slavers reached a villager, but we managed to fight them back… not losing a single villager in the sizeable raid.

Here’s the ‘dead pile’ from the game. Remarkably, none of our losses, of which there were relatively few, resulted in permanent injury. Not a bad for ten plucky defenders!

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