16th Ulriczeit 2511 (Konistag): Clean living, hard studies and Gooo-naaar; a bit of shopping, frustrated magicks and a big axe; drunken mage, stumbling mage, unconscious mage!

Through breakfast the party discussed their plans for the day, having decided to accept the invitation of Lucius Karstadt-Stampf. Salundra felt the need to attend to her appearance, particularly her clothes. Her various travails over the last couple of weeks had taken their toll on her clothing. She decided that a bath, having spent the last few days bedridden, while availing of the clothing repair service in the Bridge Inn would be just what she needed. Ferdinand decided he’d study for the morning. He’d made some progress on committing a complicated spell to memory and he wanted to keep going with it. Noting that Lucius’s invitation was for a few days, Gunnar decided to hold an impromptu session of the Self-Preservation Society.

Stiu and I had a solo session to cover Salundra visiting the Grail Chapel

On her way back from the Bridge Inn, Salundra glanced through the open door of the Grail Chapel. It was not as gloomy in the converted warehouse as she had expected, with light seeping in through where wooden boards didn’t quite meet in the walls. The natural light was supplemented by many candles, adding their warm glow to the natural light. The colour in here was much nicer than the last time she had ‘visited’. She saw the old chapel warden Ferdinand had told her about. He scrubbed the floor; his industry slowed by age, but nonetheless earnest. His black and red clothing reminded her of vestments. That was where the resemblance to a priest ended. Well, maybe there was something of a warrior priest about him, even as he washed the floor. 

Salundra cleared her throat and he rose, seeming to recognise her instantly. “I am so glad to see that you are well, Mademoiselle”, he said, delight clear in his voice. “Please, please, sit and tell me something of ‘ow you ‘ave been”, he continued indicating a pew. Salundra sat at one end and he joined the other. “‘Ugo is my name”, the ‘H’ lost in his Bretonnian accent. Salundra introduced herself and enquired after the chapel, following the incident. Hugo told her that nothing had been damaged and he thanked her for what she and her friends had done. He apologised for into being able to come with them, explaining that his duty meant he could not leave the chapel.

They chatted about the chapel, and he explained some of its ‘istory. He also showed Salundra what he thought had brought the foul magic user to the chapel, a wall of skulls behind a wooden fresco that doubled as a hidden door. The necromancer had seemed desperate that something should happen with one or more of these skulls, but the party’s intervention had stopped him in whatever he was doing. They got to talking about the local area and visitors to the chapel. It seemed chapel guardian was well liked in the community and he was supported in his vigil. Visitors from Bretonnia often stopped in, bringing him ‘real’ cheese and good wines. Speaking of it jogged his memory and he went to his anteroom, returning with a bottle for Salundra (to be shared) as a thank you. She spotted his armour, neatly arrayed on a stand, the same black and red colours, although much faded, visible on the livery. A castle motif was also clear. Hugo had been carrying out this vigil for over thirty years, and his armour, although beautifully polished, witnessed its age and the action it had seen in the scratches it had taken. Salundra offered to have it repaired, but Hugo refused, saying it must remain here too. It was as much part of the chapel as he was. He mentioned that he had heard of the Dwarf’s material training school from the local children and offered the chapel and his services. He might be old, but he reckoned he had manny things he could teach.

Salundra enjoyed her visit with him and made her goodbyes, thanking him for his gift.

Salundra’s morning was completely successful. Ferdinand morning wasn’t at all fruitful, the nuances of the spell alluding him. Gunnar’s was surprising successful, with Eugen managing to gather seven other students. Moreover, they listened to the instruction intently and showed real progress with their weapon handling. Gunnar warned them that training was only to happen in sanctioned GSPS sessions. As he was returning to the Red Moon Inn with Eugen, a low chuckle emanated from the sewers. This was followed by an alien-sounding attempt to say his name… “Gooo-naaar” it intoned.

Everyone enjoyed a lunch of grilled and smoked fish, though the sauce Maglyn had prepared wasn’t great. It was interesting to experience her experimenting with the menu and while it was still less than two weeks since she’d lost her husband it was good to see that she had at least found a distraction in her work here.

That afternoon Salundra and Gunnar decided to see if they could spot Rudi out and about. Ferdinand wanted to continue he studies, unsure when he’d get more time to study in the Karstadt-Stampf residence. The hunt for Rudi wasn’t successful, the corrupt sergeant nowhere to be found. They made it as far as the chapel in Black Rock, where Gunnar had seen Rudi acting suspiciously before and they decided to enter. It was a chapel to St. Arnold, with the interior being well tended. A sister was cleaning and noticed them enter. After a brief prayer to Sigmar, Salundra and Gunnar were approach by the woman, who introduced herself as Sister Habercorn, the warden and chief celebrant in this chapel. The chatted and the sister thanked Gunnar for his previous warning, noting that that man had indeed been snooping around, though she wasn’t sure what he might be looking for. Gunnar and Salundra were certain that whatever it was he sought, it would be to Rudi’s benefit.

Following the exchange with Sister Habercorn, they made their goodbyes and headed towards the Marktplatz, Salundra wanting to pick up some less formal clothes and a cloak. While in the area, they checked in on the Sisters and were the recipients of two wild mushroom and venison pies, with some elderberry confiture to compliment them. Salundra could only manage half of one, but Gunnar was more than happy to gobble up the rest. The Sisters noted having seen Ferdinand on the last Marktag, but as he didn’t come over to say ‘Hello’, they seemed to have decided they didn’t like him!

Meanwhile, the studying was going very poorly and Ferdinand had become quite disillusioned, deciding that a drink in the barroom was preferable to the increasingly inscrutable magick language.

Gunnar had one final ‘chore’ to complete before returning to the inn. He had coin in his pocket and double-headed axe that he desired. A fruitful visit to Morkrisson’s Forge followed. This time, the master himself took time away from his work to present a beautiful example of his craft to Gunnar. It was a small ceremony, witnessed only by Salundra and Faralina, but it held significance. This weapon was part of Gunnar’s journey, with an all too certain destination. Saundra had a request too; she wanted a stiletto blade that she could conceal in her breast armour. Faralina inspected the armour, noting the dent in it caused by Salundra’s recent encounter with a skeleton. The apprentice said they could craft a suitable weapon and offered to repair the dent in the armour on the spot. Salundra ordered the blade and thanked Farina for repairing her armour.

When they returned to the Red Moon Inn, Ferdinand was showing signs of being quite drunk. Salundra only stayed downstairs for a single drink, deciding the a good nights rest was warranted before the visit tomorrow. Being around that class of person is tiring. Gunnar drank with Ferdinand, but they were having polar opposite reactions. Ferdinand was becoming increasingly drunk, but to Gunnar it was like drinking water. Suddenly Ferdinand needed to release himself… he swerved his way towards the front door, banging into chairs and making a scene. Thankfully he made it outside in time, but this near miss wasn’t enough to convince him to stop drinking. To Gunnar, this had gone from being funny to being a bit pathetic. Ferdinand staggered back to the table and ordered another round. He was halfway through the drink when unconsciousness overtook him and he slumped to the table. Gunnar slung him over his shoulder and carried him to the room, where he deposited the mage into the appropriate bed. Salundra was already sleeping. It was just gone ten bells… late, but not too late. Gunnar went to the warehouse, the home of GSPS, for an opportunity to get in some practice with his new axe. He very much enjoyed how it felt to slice it through the air. When he returned to the inn, Ferdinand was exactly where he had been deposited… he was snoring heavily. Gunnar took up his customary position by the door and fell into a sonorous sleep. Thankfully Salundra was in a deep enough sleep to not hear the cacophony.

17th Ulriczeit 2511 (Angestag; morning): Hair of the dog and meeting Lucius

Salundra and Gunnar enjoyed delicious breakfasts, kippers and a full fry respectively. Ferdinand couldn’t contemplate food, but managed a weak ale. His head was pounding and he generally felt the worse for wear. He managed to keep his stomach contents were they were… which felt like an accomplishment.

The party headed to Morganseite and the Karstadt-Stampf residence. The guards let them through the gate, but only after one that could actually read inspected the letter. He led them towards the main front door, but was stalled by a gesticulating servant who was at the entrance into the west wing. The guard shrugged and led the party to the servant. “Thank you Gunther. That will be all.”, the servant said, “I am Jurgen, Master Lucius’s personal servant.” Jurgen guided them to a drawing room, but this part of the house appeared to be in hibernation; the wall hangings removed and dust covers on furniture. In the drawing room waited a droopy-haired youth.

Lucius greeted them enthusiastically and told them of his ambition to write great prose and of his hopes that they would offer some inspiration through recounting their exploits. He offered 8 shillings each per day and hoped they’d stay for a few days at least. When they agreed he was delighted. He grabbed his ink pots and parchments, ready to scribble down their stories of adventure. 

… and we’ll leave it there!

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