The Firebrand Congregation left here in a hurry. This sector became a little too hot for them when their activities drew the attention of Granglur Dronston. Between them leaving and Dronston arriving there was an opportunity to salvage some of what had been left behind. We’d thought we’d only have to contend with the beasts on this planet, but it turned out we weren’t the only crew to spot this opportunity…

Another great scenario and a stunning map made by Phil to play it on. This time out three of the loots were located within a fenced off area, patrolled by beasts with the fence sporadically zapping anything that came near!

I dashed towards the fenced area and ‘lifted’ a runner over it. This was a mistake as he was quickly eaten by a Ferrox. Phil positioned his gunner in a sniping position on the roof of a building offering a great field of fire. A little concerted attention saw Phil’s captain and first mate fall in the third turn… as did my captain! It rapidly devolved into a scrap amongst the respective crews.

Having created a hole in the fence it took me a while to open the loot there, but on the road my crew were faring better, getting close to nabbing the data loot there. The left turned into a close quarters gun fight and I came off worst…

As loots were being unlocked more beasts started to arrive. One of the Shengryllas started to hassle Phil’s gunner, thankfully distracting him as my first mate and hacker made off with the loot. Meanwhile Phil’s coder got away with one on the left.

My first mate exited north, ending the game and leaving Phil in possession of two other loots. The aftermath was pretty brutal for my crew: the pathfinder died (on his first outing for the crew) and both my captain and sniper were badly injured!

The good news is that my first mate has levelled up and is now ready to embark on the Hope Eternal campaign along with Phil’s first mate. From bitter rivals to collaborators!

Until next time,