3rd Ulriczeit 2511 (Wellentag) – Leaving Graustadt

Circumstances seem to have changed and the party find they need to get to Ubersreik, a city they’re all familiar with. Travel along the Grey Lady Canal is the best solution, so they make their way to where several barges are docked. There is a moment of chaos on the docks as the party miss a swinging jib boom loading goods on to one of the barges. Luckily Gunnar manages to raise his axe just in time to halt the netted goods before they swing full force into Salundra (Stiu has written an excellent journal of Salundra’s adventures over these two days) and Ferdinand. The axe slices the netting and several boxes tumble to the dock, partially hurting the others. The stevedore operating the jib is angered by this, but soon backs down when Salundra uses her status to intimidate him; having a Slayer standing nearby didn’t hurt either!

The players approach Aloysius Thorncobble III, a halfling merchant, and secure basic transport to Ubersreik. The barge is towed out of the dock and then they get underway, sailing when appropriate, being towed by the ponies when the wind isn’t suitable. The food is poor, but it is at least supplemented by wine, of varying quality! The weather is cold, but clear and a decent easterly breeze develops, enabling sail power to be used more consistently.

Aloysius spots a problem ahead and pulls the barge into the side into the bank. Gunnar leaps off, stumbles, but rolls into a perfect ready stance. Salundra and Gunnar depart barge and examine the obstruction, a tree that appears to have been felled to block their path. The party are accosted by bandits hoping to rob the barge of its goods. They weren’t expecting a party of experienced fighters…

A fight and pursuit ensues, with two of the bandits falling. One of them turns out to be a man called Adhemar Fiegler, who was intimidating teenage boys to act as bandits, one of whom was killed by the party. The party release another boy, clear the tree and continue on their travels.

That night, the barge is moored safely and a watch is instigated. There is no further excitement and the minor scraps picked up during the day heal nicely.

4th Ulriczeit 2511 (Aubentag) – Travelling along the Grey Lady Canal/Teufel and arriving into Ubersreik

The travels go smoothly, with much of it occurring under sail. Aloysius is very grateful for how the party handled the bandits and wants to reward them. They refuse payment directly, but he roots around and finds a quality bottle of wine.

While travelling, the party spot a patrol of troops, wearing red and blue livery. These look like Altdorfers, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The canal joins the Teufel. Entering Ubersreik is always impressive and the barge makes its way to dock alongside the Teübrucke.

It is now late evening. They are met by a young halfling who has a message for Aloysius from his cousins, Nom and Om Tumbleberry, who run a bakery in the Merchant Quarter. It appears to be urgent and the party agree to go to the bakery with him. When they arrive it appears to have been ransacked and vandalised…

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