… and the ships go Boom! In this game, the two British ships were at anchor off the French shore, awaiting returning shore parties. Waiting for their comrades gave the French ships time to get between them and to start pummelling them with broadsides.

However, some excellent gunnery (and a bit of luck) caused a British shot to land in the powder room of the French flagship with catastrophic effect! This ended the French defence of their shoreline and gave the British the chance to slip away.

I’ve really enjoyed this campaign. Stiú did a great job on the scenarios and was a phenomenal host. Kiss Me Hardy is a fun set of rules and, much like the newer What a Tanker!, lends itself very well to Zoom wargaming. This is particularly true when players control one ship/tank. Thankfully the rules are both meaty enough and fast playing enough to keep players engaged.

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