“Get in, grab the data and get out. Nothing fancy. Just get it done!”, Nah preached while while the lander descended towards the grey moon, “Neb – you take your team and enter through the north-west access. I’ll take mine in through the north-east. Don’t get caught up in a gunfight and be careful of electrical surges – these old data units are temperamental.” Sermon over Nah thought to himself as he rechecked the ammo in his pistol. He hoped Neb would do well. Integrating a new First Mate into a crew was always hard.

This time out, I have new first mate, Neb. We’re grabbing data loot and have the chance to use decks to move some data around the columns in the room. Phil and I are planning to play a co-op campaign soon, so that might explain why were a little cagey in this game.

I love the map Phil made for this game, we’re using the 40k Vassal module, but he managed to make maps that aren’t too heavy on the grimdark aesthetic.

I decided I’d focus on the data loots numbered 2 and 4, and opportunity permitting, would try to move 1 to where I could snag it.

Phil did better on the tug-of-war around data loot 1, and managed to secure it. My Codebreaker was taken down, and subsequently died. Other than that I mostly avoided the Ruffians and Pirates that showed up, dispatching one that blocked my Captain’s exit.

All told a successful raid, I secured a Secret and 150 credits, more than enough to replace the Codebreaker (yeah, my Captain is a pretty callus rogue!).

One more game should see us ready to embark on the co-op campaign, as it’ll give out first mates a chance to level up.

Until next time,