Memoir ’44 is one of the quickest and most fun boardgame/wargame we play here. It gives both a flavour of the historic battle and is straightforward to play. Ciarán and I played the first scenario, Pegasus Bridge, from the main rulebook today. It’s pretty simple as it only includes basic infantry and a relatively small selection of terrain types. Ciarán played as the British glider-borne troops and I used the defending Germans.

The British outnumber the defenders, but the defenders have ready access to some decent defensive terrain. Much like the fateful attack in the early hours of June 6th 1944, the British overwhelmed the defenders, seizing the Orne Bridge and putting a lot of pressure on the defenders at Pegasus Bridge. With time, I’m sure they seize it too.

Here’s how it ended with the British scoring the four medals to win, to the German’s two. Well done Ciarán!

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