The distinctive whines and cracks of las and carbine fire sounded all around Scarpovan as he climbed the side of the manufactory. This was supposed to have been a straightforward deal. His crew had fanned out once the pirates had shown up, guns now doing the talking. As he crested the roof edge, he saw one of his crew engaged with one of Duo’s men. Their blades swept clumsily at each other, the inexperience with close quarters fighting obvious. His own man stumbled on some ducting, his opponent catching him with a slice of the knife as he fell. Duo’s man didn’t see Scarpovan. His eyes fell to something else on the roof. A prize. Something worth killing for.

Scarpovan pulled himself over the edge and bounded towards the man. Caught unawares and outmatched, he fell quickly to the captain’s blows. A pistol shot whipped past. Nah Duo had appeared on the roof. This loot must really be worth something. Duo began to run towards him. Ducking behind the ducting, Scarpovan quickly figured out how to open it and snatched up whatever the trinket was into his coat pocket. Duo had covered the distance quickly and was on him. They dodged and parried, Scarpovan’s knife against Duo’s pistol. A sharp crack sounded and the captain looked to his chest. A smoking hole on the right side confirming the hit. Scarpovan stumbled backwards. Ruthlessly Duo followed up and shot again. Scarpovan’s heal caught the roof edge and he fell…

This was the pivotal action in the game of Stargrave Phil and I played out over the last couple of weeks on Vassal (just using the 40k Vassal module and some physical D20s). Our captains ended up going at it on the roof of a building in the centre of the battlefield. It was my first foray into the game and, as expected having played Frostgrave, it plays very well. Here are some screenshots from the game:

Grenades, laser walls, concealed weapons and pirates… this game had lots of chaotic action.

Here’s the key moment as the captains’ fight came to an end.

Unfortunately, Scarpovan fell from the roof, dropping the loot near an incoming Rufian. My captain clambered down to get it, but things were getting too hot with the pirates moving towards that position. My crew retreated, having secured no prizes.

Phil’s crew managed to secure two loot, but he was extremely unlucky in the ‘Injury and Death’ portion of the post-game campaign sequence, rolling a natural 1 for his captain’s injury (1-2 is Death and captains get an optional +1 to the roll…).

My crew picked up some experience, but it looks like Phill will need to start a new crew.

Until next time,