My kids are pretty different from each other. They’re both intelligent, inquisitive, funny and fun, but in different ways. The games that interest them tend to differ too. My daughter, the older of the two, is drawn by a variety of things, but generally anything with an interesting premise or narrative will get her interested. I mentioned the basic background idea to Godtear (Champions fighting over the fallen shards of gods!) to her and it resonated. Unfortunately there is little background written down for this game, though I did come across this podcast with the lead writer for Steamforged Games:

This is a pity, as I know she’d devour anything written about it. We’ve played a couple of games now and we’re enjoying it. We’ve just used a single Champion per side so far. We’ll escalate up to two soon. It’ll be interesting to see if the lack of written background impacts the stickiness of the game. As she said, “without the background it just a game”. I agree with that.

My son is basically interested in anything that’s on the gaming table. He’ll often play with any models and terrain that I leave set out. He has collected a nice Necron force for Warhammer 40,000 and we’ve played both Kill Team and small 40k games with them. He played a couple of games of Aeronautica Imperialis with me when I had it set out at the start of this year. We’ve also played some Blitz Bowl recently too.

Recently we’ve also revisited a game we played years ago: Gaslands. It’s fun, fast and relatively straightforward. The barrier to entry is very low, as you can see from the photos. We set out a race circuit on a 4′ x 4′, placed some terrain and we were good to go. To keep things simple, we counted each car as a ‘Buggy’ and used dice to mark the Gear and Hull points.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our recent exploits.

I should probably mention that the kids have won as many games as they’ve lost this year. They’ve a combined life experience of 23 years to my 44. My prospects of winning games against them are unlikely to improve… thankfully, that’s not the point!

Until next time,