Last night Phil and I had a chance to kick the tyres on the new version of Kill Team (2021). We took inspiration from the Angels of Death Warhammer+ show. We’ve both been enjoying it and it seemed like Kill Team would offer a good ruleset to replay some of its key battles/scenes. This game is set during Episode 2: The Silent City and uses an adaptation of the Open Play mission: Control the Killzone (P.86). The game represents the Blood Angels emerging from the Drop Pod and facing off against a second wave of angry cultists. We wanted to keep things simple, so the primary objective of the mission was all we used for scoring.

We used the Necromunda status counters in the VASSAL 40k module to represent the conceal order and injury. This worked very well. The move indicator helped us to keep track of which models had activated and which were ready.

I’m not going to go into a blow-by-blow account. The Blood Angels killed off the attacking cultists, but they did lose two of their own and three took some decent damage.I have to say, I’m impressed by the game. The rules are coherent and flow well. They help tell a story with some truly cinematic moments… the vision of my flamer-armed neophyte running around the burning Chimera to pour flame onto two hulking red-armoured warriors is pretty epic. That he took down one of them is all the sweeter; or my zealous leader charging into a Blood Angels Sergeant and nearly felling him; or how about the hail of bolter and heavy bolter fire echoing across the battlefield as cultists skulked about.

I’m looking forward to playing more Kill Team. We’ll start using the campaign rules, so it’ll be interesting to see how our teams advance.

Until next time,