Princeps Diamarbh was calm. His battlegroup was folding around him, but he could still see what needed to be done. Paladin Argentus, the Gryphonicus Reaver, had been revered amongst the warriors on Molech ever since it defied the concerted attacks of the forces of Holst Lithonan on the northern edge of Leosta. The attack had not gone to plan, but if this was to be his end he was determined to take the enemy Reaver down with him.

Lectitio Deodandus’ shields were being hammered, but Diamarbh continued to issue orders. Cranium Occidendum was to focus all of its weaponry on stripping Paladin Argentus’ shields. The Occidendum dutifully followed this order, but its crew must have known it was a death sentence. Knights and a Warhound had flanked them, yet they were to keep firing on the hero of Leosta.

Deodandus was poised, ready to unleash its heavy weapons when the moment came. Unrelentingly, its own shields were being pummelled, but Diamarbh knew the moment of retribution was near. A chance to send a message to the followers of the false emperor: defy the Warmaster and this is the end you can expect. The flash as Paladin Argentus’ voids overloaded was shielded by the dimming of Deodandus’ viewport. The moment was now. “Fire”, Diamarbh intoned passively. Lectitio Deodandus shook with the familiar release of its weapons’ considerable firepower. In the same moment Occidendum exploded, the price it paid for obeying his last order. Deodandus did not relent and the yellow and navy armour of the enemy titan succumbed to its punishing volleys. Internal explosions wracked its frame and it fell to the ground, plumes of dust sent skyward signalling its death.

Diamarbh knew that he and his beloved Lectitio Deodandus would soon suffer the same fate. Knowing the disheartening loss Paladin Argentus would bring to the enemy brought one last smile to his face.

Tom graciously offered to show me the ropes in Adeptus Titanicus. I collected and painted these bits around Christmas time, but apart from a solo play through in the first half of the year I haven’t played any games. That changed on Wednesday! I put together a 1500pt list that was an Axiom Maniple supported by a Banner of Cerastus Knights. The maniple contained a Warlord (Apocalypse Missile Launchers, Bellicosa Volcano Cannon, Macro Gatling Blaster), a Reaver (Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Gatling Blaster, Melta Cannon) and two identically armed Warhounds (Vulcan Megabolter, Plasma Blastgun). I had little clue what I was doing in either list building or playing the game, but I reckoned the Axiom Maniple would at least be a little forgiving when issuing orders.

The game started with a blast from Tom’s Warlord’s Volcano Cannon, taking out the two of my three knights and leaving one on one Structure Point! I used the Full Stride on everyone except the Warlord. That was a mistake. I closed with the opposing force too hastily and lost most of a turn of shooting! From this moment, I was on the back foot, but as a learning experience it was excellent. I got to run through all of the main game rules. Things I learned:

  • Keep your lines clear… you don’t need your Titans getting in each others’ way from both shooting and manoeuvring perspectives.
  • Knights can be very effective. They’re fast and ignore shields when they get in close. They are squishy too!
  • I need to squadron up my Warhounds.
  • The weapon roles seem to reverse once void shields are brought down. High RoF weapons are great for taking down voids and once down you want to use them after the armour cracking weapons, as there is a damage bonus on areas that have been weakened. Their high RoF is more resilient to the penalty to Targeted Attacks.
  • Use orders selectively. They come with penalties…

Until next time,