Game 1 of this mini-campaign finished with the Americans in possession of Hauts-Vents, but with the morning of the 11th July came a focussed counterattack from the Germans, specifically the 902nd Regiment of Panzer Lehr. I picked up the SkirmishCampaigns book which is really good, but I’m still basing some of the Battlegroup mapping on that done here.

Game 2

This proved to be a very messy battle, with the Americans forming up a defence around the bombed out farm. The American sniper stalled the initial German infantry probes. The Germans then came in quickly with armour and the battle developed into a significant tank duel. The rest of the German infantry worked their way forward towards the farm. Tanks were rapidly knocked out on both sides and the cohesion of the forces started to crumble. It was an eye for an eye affair with both sides wreaking a terrible toll on the opposing armour. When the infantry began to engage much of the armour was out of action and a tussle ensued for the farmhouse. The Germans managed to take it. The American force was down to a single infantry man and two Shermans(!), but the German force was hurting too. A Sherman spotted the Stuh 42 and put an AP shell through its front. This pushed the Germans over the edge.

The battle ended 31/28 BR for the Germans and 21/29 BR for the Americans. Again, this is a game that doesn’t look that close on paper, but yet again the Americans had the better run of luck with the Germans drawing some high number chits.

We’re assuming that the Germans will maintain a tenuous control over Hauts-Vents for now, but the Americans will return! Game 3 will see the Americans arrive with some more armour and attempt to permanently dislodge the Germans.

Until next time,