In our last game the French stalled the Germans on the outskirts of Court St Etienne, giving the town’s defenders time to blow the bridges. I predicted the battle for the town was “likely to be a vicious street by street, house by house battle”. My prediction turned out to be true. This was a truly epic (11 turn!) battle, fought down to the wire

The French AT gun and tanks got the better of the Germans, but just marginally. At the end of the battle only one German tank wasn’t burning, but it was immobilised. There were two French tanks still roaming around by the end. There were about that many French infantry left too! The German infantry fought hard, taking the town, building by building. In the end, however, the French just won out. The ended with 37 of 38 BR and the Germans ended on 44 of 43. It was such a closely fought thing. I wouldn’t fancy being the French who now have to dig those Germans out of the foothold they’ve gained!

That’s the end of our campaign. The TooFatLardies Gembloux Gap Pint Sized Campaign of was great inspiration for this Battlegroup campaign and Steve was a great opponent. We had lots of fun. Now we move to the Eastern Front!

Until next time,